We are responsible for creating student centered learning environment for vital technical and trade related knowledge and skills for nation building.


Commencing 2024, the Mt.Hagen Technical College is transformed into a premier TVET Institue for Excellence for quality and demand driven Technical Programs.

Institutional Values



We commit to transfer relevant and appropriate skills and knowledge to the students that come to Hagen Tech with the highest standards of teacher ethics and integrity as members of the Mt Hagen Technical College. In our quest to produce quality students and responsible graduates, we commit to demonstrate honest, transparency and integrity in our personal and professional conduct, both in and out of school.


We are a public institution entrusted with the responsibility for training and educating the nation's citizens with the required technical and vocational education and training. We are accountable for the quality of graduates that enter the labour market in PNG and abroad.

Developing and fostering a strong sense of Teamwork that is built on trust, respect, and synergically interdependencies that cuts across all internal units and teams and external partners.

We commit to the pursuit of excellence in innovation and quality of the standards of our education programs, efficiency of our internal operational processes and practices, strong and mutually beneficial relationship with students that enhances the learning success of our students.


We know we are not going to achieve our goals alone. We therefore, commit to working in close collaboration with all key partners to the college (both within and external) for the mutual benefit of all parties, for the long-term success of the college.



We are committed to the pursuit of becoming an exceptional and outstanding learning institution in the country and the region – and institution of choice that is known for producing quality standards programs benchmarked with international standards that in the region.


I am truly impressed with the quality of education and facilities at Mt. Hagen Technical College. The staff are dedicated and the learning experience is exceptional.

John Drekore

empty chairs in theater
empty chairs in theater



Welcome to Mt. Hagen Technical College, a place where students, visitors, development partners, and stakeholders come together to shape a future of excellence and growth. With a rich history spanning over 50 years, our college has evolved into a beacon of technical education in Papua New Guinea, driven by our unwavering commitment to providing an exceptional learning experience.