Application for 2025 is open. Start apply now!

For Non-School Leavers, application for 2025 will be attached anytime soon. Sample for 2024 attached, use that to prepare your application in advance.

Download Course Fees Schedule for 2025 in the link button below

Application Procedures

  • To ensure a smooth and successful application process to Mt. Hagen Technical College, please carefully follow the steps outlined below:

  • Fill out the Application Form:

  • Please complete the application form in its entirety. Ensure that all sections are filled accurately and provide the required information.

  • Certification of Attached Certificates:

  • All attached certificates must be certified by a Commissioner of Oaths. Please make certified copies of the required certificates to include with your application.

  • Industrial Work Experience (for NC 2 applicants):

  • NC 2 applicants must have a minimum of six (6) months of industrial work experience or more. Provide relevant documentation or proof of your work experience.

  • Application Fee: (Note: The college has a new account number as detailed below)!!

  • A non-refundable application fee of K100.00 is required. Deposit the fee into the college account 0000 342788 at Bank South Pacific, Mt. Hagen Branch. Attach the deposit slip with your name clearly indicated to your application.

  • Application Submission:

  • Submit your application using only the provided Application Form. Late applications will not be considered. The application process closes at the end of October 2024.

  • Authenticity of Certificates:

  • Applicants using certificates other than their own will be referred to the police for investigation.

  • Medical Report:

  • Attach a current medical report that verifies your medical fitness. This report should be issued by a qualified medical professional.

  • Asthmatic Conditions:

  • Note that individuals with asthmatic conditions will not be accepted and are advised not to apply for Mechanical trades.

  • Submission of Application:

  • Send your completed application form, along with all the necessary attachments and documents, to the attention of the Deputy Principal Academic. Use the address provided for submission.

  • Minimum Course Entry Requirements:

  • To be eligible for admission, applicants must have a National Certificate (NC) Grade 10 with credits (C) in all core subjects.

  • Application Checklist:

  • Ensure that your application is complete by going through the following checklist and ticking the corresponding boxes:

  • Application Form: Have you completely filled out the application form?

  • Application Fee: Have you deposited the K100.00 application fee?

  • Deposit Slip: Have you attached the deposit slip with your name on it to this application?

  • Certificates and References: Have you attached all necessary certificates and other references?

  • Sponsor Information: Have you provided your sponsor's address and signature?

  • ID-Sized Photo: Have you attached an ID-sized color photo of yourself?

  • Medical Report: Have you attached your current medical report?

  • Character Reference: Have you attached a character reference from a church leader?

  • By carefully adhering to these guidelines and ensuring that all required documents are included, you can complete your application to Mt. Hagen Technical College successfully.

Fill in the application form & submit

via email to Or send us by post OR Hand-deliver at the school admin office.